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The perpetuitoes against perpetuities is hardly relevant today, right? Well, it turns out the rule against perpetuities remains not only relevant, but potentially lethal to the grant of certain future interests in property, at least in some U. While most lawyers can probably still recite the rule from memory, as a reminder, the basic rule against perpetuities can be simply stated as follows: No interest is good unless it must vest, if at all, not later than twenty-one years after some life in being at the creation of the interest.

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Eagle Rock, againsf, argued that pepetuities could be no breach of contract when the future participation provision was void because perpetuiies violated the rule against perpetuities. Oklahoma still adheres to the common law rule against perpetuities, at least with respect to the granting of future interests in real property. Under the common law rule, a perpetuiities interest must be certain either to vest or prres within twenty-one years after some life in being at the time of creation of the future interest. ANR argued that, for purposes of the rule, a business entity, such as an LLC, could serve as the required life in being, so that the future participation provision in the AMI development agreement would be valid so long as the right to participate was guaranteed to vest or fail within twenty-one years of the death, or dissolution, of the ANR LLC entity.

The Supreme Court of Oklahoma disagreed. Only the lives of human beings may be used in measuring the permissible period of vesting. Consequently, in the case of a future interest pertaining to a business entity, there can be no life in being, and so such interest must vest or fail within twenty-one years of creation in order to satisfy the rule against perpetuities. Oklahoma law does grant a limited exception to strict application of the rule against perpetuities in the context of future mineral interests.

Because mineral leases and joint operator agreements have a built in duration based on cessation of production or some other prs event, option provisions contained therein pose no risk of continuing indefinitely, and so are held to comply with the rule against perpetuities. Thus the AMI agreement did not fall within the future mineral interest exception, and the agains participation provision was void under the rule against perpetuities. Pre estate plan also included provisions for shifting property many generations later if certain conditions should occur. When his second son, Henrysucceeded to his elder brother's property, he did not want to pass the other property to his younger brother, Charles.

Charles sued to enforce his interest, and the court in this instance, the House of Lords held that such a shifting condition could not exist indefinitely. The judges believed that tying up property too long beyond the lives of people living at the time was wrong, although the exact period was not determined until another case, Cadell v. Palmeryears later. Both stem from an underlying principle or reference in the common law disapproving of restraints on property rights. This is often expressed as "lives in being plus twenty-one years. Instead, if there exists any possibility at the time of the grant, however unlikely or remote, that an interest will vest outside of the perpetuities period, the interest is void and is stricken from the grant.

The rule does not apply to interests in the grantor himself. For example, the grant "For A so long as alcohol is not sold on the premises, then to B" would violate the rule as to B.

However, the conveyance to B would be stricken, leaving "To Validqting so long as alcohol is not sold on the premises. The grant to B would be void as it is possible alcohol would be sold on the premises more than 21 years after the deaths of A, B, and the grantor. However, as the rule does not apply to grantors, the possibility of reverter in the grantor or his heirs would be valid. Statutory modification[ edit ] Many jurisdictions have statutes that either cancel out the rule entirely or clarify it as to the period of time and persons affected.

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In the United Kingdomdispositions of property subject to the rule before 14 July remain subject to the rule. This act codifies the "wait and see" doctrine developed by courts. In the Republic of Ireland[19] the rule was abolished as of 1 December Burt died, leaving a will that specified that apart from small allowances, his estate was not to be distributed until 21 years after the death of the last of his grandchildren to be born in his lifetime. This condition was met in21 years after his granddaughter Marion Landsill died in November

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